Initial setup of a virtual portfolio

A lot of people will tell you to buy or sell stocks because this or that will make them skyrocket.  When they tell you to buy and later the stock goes belly up, you don’t hear them anymore.

In fact, it is exactly what commercial financial sites do all the time.  They talk about 10 stocks you should buy and after 6 months or a year they are screaming about the gigantic profits you would have made with one of those stocks, devoting long articles about how they saw this coming with a complex analysis.  They will remain silent about the 9 others stocks they advised you.

That is why I added a virtual portfolio of stocks I believe in today.  A test, a game, call it whatever you want. Anyway, I won’t be able to lie about the performance.  This is it.

Currently, this means a lot of gold and commodities, and some cash.

Have a look at the S&P or Nasdaq chart over 30 years and you don’t have to be a technical genius to see this bull market in stocks is coming to an end some day.  Maybe this year, maybe in 2 years or maybe it can last as long as 14 years as Jeff Staut was saying this week?

I believe there may be one last run higher this year, but when the shit hits the fan it will probably be the most horrible crash ever seen, faster then ever before.  Not yet however: the economy is still in good shape, rates are going up but very slowly and a rising inflation is on the horizon.

The recent correction in the market felt for the happy ones like the electricity at the party was accidentally cut off but was restored quickly. Oh, it was nothing, let’s party on!  Hmmm, if this party continues for years I will lose, but I don’t believe it can continu for years and even if it does having one more look at that 30-year chart you can probably buy stocks in the future at a much lower price even if you have to wait 5 years from now.  I don’t want to be in the next crash, I can wait.